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Northern Kentucky Area Service Committee of NA




Chair: Matt I 

Vice Chair: Spencer C

Treasurer: Robin M

Vice Treasurer: Lex E

Secretary: Richard A

Vice Secretary: OPEN

Webmaster: Riley W

Vice Webmaster: Tim B

RCM: Linz C

RCM-Alternate: Eric W

Hospitals & Institutions Chair: Terry W

Public Information Chair: Sierra D

Activities Chair: Tom D

Policy & Admin Chair: Mo B

Vice Policy Chair: OPEN

Literature Chair: Kevin W

Alt Literature Chair: OPEN

Hybrid (virtual & in-person)

ZOOM Meeting

Meeting ID: 835-0767-8263

PW: 156933

Latonia Baptist Church

3800 Church St

Latonia, KY 41015


1st Saturday of every month


Our 7th tradition states every group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions. If you home group would like to donate, click the donate button below to access the QR code. You will need the password provided to you by the NKY Webmaster

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