Hospitals & Institutions

H&I brings meetings into hospitals, jails, prisons, treatment centers and other places where addicts might not be able to get to an outside meeting. We need your support to make this work. For many addicts this may be their first introduction to NA. Addicts can attend H&I meetings with 90 days clean, but not chair or speak until at least 6 months clean. Come to the subcommittee meeting to find out more information about how you can get involved and help carry the message to the addict still suffering.


Chair: Jesse D

Vice Chair:  


Men's Coordinator:  Chaz M

Women's Coordinator:  Hannah D


The Cornerstone

918 Madison Ave

Covington, Ky

NKY H&I Universal Meeting Format


3rd Monday of every month

6:00 - 7:00 PM

Want to get involved in H&I?

If you want to know more about H&I or want to know how to get involved in service, leave your information below and a subcommittee member will contact you.